The Year is 2731. Across the stars, massive interstellar warships lay waste to worlds. These belong to the various races and factions vying for power in this sector of the galaxy; some seek peace, others war.

It is your power to choose your own path, what will you take? Will you join a mighty Empire and crush her enemies? Will you take the subtle path of espionage and sabotage the forces of evil for the greater good? Will you stand aside and seek a fortune through trade? The paths are endless, it is up to you.

The Rules for the game are currently being written and progressively being added to this site. Testing scenarioes will be written and acted through and the scenario description, expected outcome, and actual outcome posted here.

Yes, the updating process is slow, and I only add things every once in a while, it was a month since I last posted since I kept being distracted by real life, and for that, I am sorry. I would not mind feed back from people, if you like either send me a message here or comment on a page if anything is unclear or you believe that things should be changed.

Thanks for Reading, and Hope you enjoy!

Heroes of the Stars