(DEX + ½ PER) [Every 10 points allows you to select a sub skill]
The ability to perform various actions without being noticed; for instance, one might fire a weapon from a concealed position using the Hiding Sub-Skill. This skill is countered by both the Listen and Spot Traits, individually, of their opposition. The difficulty of actions is therefore determined by the opponents Listen and Spot skills. Certain actions will not only alter the difficulty, at GM discretion, but might also incur a penalty, once more at GM discretion, for instance deciding to speak to a companion while sneaking may incur a penalty of -10 on the player’s Stealth roll.

Hiding: The ability for the character to conceal himself behind, under, above, etc. an object to hide without moving. Actions that do not require one to move, such as firing a rifle, while the person wishes to be stealthy can be made from here.

Sneaking: The ability to remain concealed while moving. Actions that wish to be made unnoticed while on the move can use this skill.

Disguise: The ability for a character to effectively disguise themselves as another person. It should be noted that it is much more difficult to conceal oneself as a specific person as it requires them to know the mannerisms, have the papers, proper attitude, etc. of that person.

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