Carrying Capacity

The amount of weight a character can carry comfortably is equal to ten pounds per point of strength, he can carry up to that much with no penalties, if he carries more he will suffer a penalty of -1 foot on combat speed for every five pounds, if his speed reaches zero he cannot move (his speed is also lowered out of combat, duh) and he will fatigue much quicker, as determined by the GM.

Encumbrance also plays a factor here, even though a player might be able to carry 37 assault rifles, it is not easy to do, and the GM and him must find a way to do it. As such all items must have a placed location, for instance, strapped to left thigh, or in backpack, written on the inventory sheet.

Note: It is almost impossible to carry around two heavy suits of armour, even if you wear one, unless you plan on carrying it in your hands and being loud and useless, just don’t strip opponents of their armour unless you want to swap.

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Carrying Capacity

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