Heroes of the Stars

Alpha Testing 1

When the testing begins, it will be for the “Infantry” mechanics.

Scenario 1:

The players are part of a group of mercenaries hired to escort the frieghter Beucephalus. The freighter is boarded by a group of pirates.

Objectives: Defeat all pirates.
Freighter Captain must survive.

Expected result: Assuming 4 players, 50% losses. Composition of group can change the range from 25%-100%. Mission Accomplished.

Scenario 2:

Players are assaulting a small enemy outpost, three story building, open center to the bottom floor, it has a broadcast centre within that is sending information to an unknown location.

Objectives: Disable Broadcast Centre
Discover Signal Receiver.
Escape Building

Bonus Objective: Defeat all enemies.

Expected Result: Assuming 4 Players, 75% losses. Composition of group can change the range from 50%-100%. Mission Accomplished.

Scenario 3:

Players are to hold a building under heavy infantry assault for ten minutes for reinforcements arrive.

Objectives: Survive 10 minutes.

Bonus Objective: Rout enemy forces.

Expected Result: Assuming 4 Players, 100% losses. Mission Failed.

Scenario 4:

Players are to escort a foreign dignitary to the embassy. Assassination threats have been issued, enemy forces unknown. Three five man marine squadrons will be at the players dissposal.

Objective: Escort Dignitary to the embassy.

Bonus Objective: Eliminate enemy forces.

Expected Result: Assuming 4 players, 25% losses. Mission Failed.



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